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Brand Rep Terms


Come join our team! By becoming a Cutie Pot Pie Brand Rep, you agree to the Terms & Conditions below:

The Contract Period

An approved Brand Rep will be involved for an agreed specified period of approximately 3 months.

Responsibilities as a Brand Rep


-Have a public and very active Instagram account.

-Promote our brand on Instagram via posts (photo/video) wearing Cutie Pot Pie once a week. Tag   #Cutiepotpieshop and #UDownWithCPP

-Promote our brand on your personal Facebook page via posts (photo/video) wearing Cutie Pot Pie once a week.

-Post an “interaction” post in our Facebook VIP group once a week. Interaction post can be in the form of a game, photo, interactive question about upcoming products, asking for suggestions, or anything that gets the group commenting on posts.

-Interact with as many posts as you can in the VIP group. Liking posts and commenting helps out with the Facebook algorithm and helps our posts get seen by more customers.

-During a release of new product (1-2 times a month) Promote our sales post in Facebook groups and on your personal page/stories. A list of groups that allow promotions will be given to you.


-When purchasing products for upcoming releases using your rep discount, please take photos within 2-3 days and post them under your album in our Cutie Pot Pie Brand Reps Facebook group.  During the week of release, be sure to share those photos on Facebook and Instagram.

- Please make sure photos are CLEAR with minimal background. We love close-ups of the product details and unboxing videos/posts/stories of when you open up your newly arrived packages also!  Any blurry photos most likely will not be used or reposted so it is highly encouraged to provide quality clear and bright photos.

- Cutie Pot Pie reserves the right to use any and all photographs or content submitted on all social media, promotional flyers and advertisements.


- Genuine love, support, and enthusiasm for our products and brand shown in comments on Instagram and Facebook VIP Group.

- Actively search Instagram for #Cutiepotpieshop and #UDownWithCPP and show your support by commenting on other brand rep's and people’s photos wearing Cutie Pot Pie. 


-Reps are required to make at least one purchase a month.  This is to ensure that you are able to help promote new and upcoming product. The purchase should include an item that is for promoting an upcoming release.  It will be under a special listing labeled REPS ONLY.

What The Brand Rep Gets!

- A 30% OFF coupon code to use for the duration of your Rep term to apply to purchases for products for yourself and those in your household. This excludes sale or clearance items, online auctions, and customs (including but not limited to bows and m2m florals and crowns)

- One FREE item chosen by Cutie Pot Pie each month to be sent with one (1) required monthly purchase.

- Your own referrals coupon code for family and friends for the duration of the term.  Your code will be your child’s name with the number 10 after it.

-$10 shop credit will be given to you if your referral code is used 5 times.

- Lots of love, support, and appreciation!

- Exposure and recognition on Cutie Pot Pie social medias and/or website.

            Instagram: @CutiePotPieShop

            Facebook: CutiePotPie

            Facebook VIP Group: Cutie Pot Pie VIP

            Website: CutiePotPieShop.com

End Contract

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract at any time if we find you are not abiding to all the terms and conditions or are not being active in promoting the brand.  We look forward to growing with you!