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About Us

Hi! We are Ratana and Rob, a wife and husband team located in Tennessee. We have a love for crafting and a passion for creating unique, high-quality pieces for our customers.

Years ago, we started buying one fat quarter of fabric at a time from Etsy with hopes of turning it into 3 or 4 bows that matched boutique dresses and selling them forward in Facebook groups. Each sale gave us a jolt of excitement, as we have always had the entrepreneur spirit and had big dreams of having our own successful business one day.

As our customer base evolved, so did the passion for growing our business, and Cutie Pot Pie was born. We started to create our unique hairpieces and designed each piece to reflect our vision. We have enjoyed curating unique, enchanting pieces to go along with each season, special occasion, and everyday moments.

Our favorite part of running this small business is that we have something of our own that we can share with our two boys. Our 7-year-old son also has inherited our entrepreneurial spirit and has started his own business as well, so the passion for creating and selling runs deep in our family. A legacy we hope to leave to them.

We are so grateful to all of our customers for helping us fulfill our dreams and for entrusting us with creating the pieces for your family photos, holidays, and grand moments! It humbles us to be a part of your long-lasting memories.

With love,

The Cutie Pot Pie Family