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Trending Hairstyles and Ideas for Little Girls

Don't send her out the door in with an uninspired hair do because you think you lack imagination and talent.  You don't need a lot of time and skills to create Pinterest worthy looks for your little girl. So join me as we look at some trending hairstyles using glitter hair bows, hair clips, and headbands for babies, toddlers, and little girls.


Accessorize with snap clips:

Adding a little touch of style can be as simple as choosing a sparkly snap clip.  To style, grab a section of hair from the front that is about 1-2 inches wide and pull to one side of the head.  Place a sparkly snap clip to hold the section of hair in place.  For the stylish variation, twist the section of hair a few times before pinning in place with the snap clip.  Another fun way to accessorize with girl's snap clips is to stack multiple clips in different colors or shapes. Find girl's snap clips here in an array of shapes and colors perfect for each outfit.


Glitter Rainbow Snap Clips


Girl's Snap Clips


 Braids and Bows:

For a super classic look reminiscent of Belle, Elsa, or Rapunzel, mix some braids into her next do. 

1. Start by parting the top section of her hair into two parts. 

2. Start two French braids, one on on each side of her head. Stop once the braids have reached close to the nape of the neck and join them together with a small elastic.  Top with the perfect glitter bow from our collection.

French braids with hair bow
For a romantic look you can leave her curls free falling in a half up half down style, or for an elegant look try making a braid with the rest of the hair and twist into a bun.
French Braids with Hair Bow
Add a splash of color with a hair extension piece:
Adding a fun colorful hair detail does not have to mean a trip to the hair salon or an application of sticky hair paint.  It can be as easy as a colorful hair extension clip from Cutie Pot Pie. They are available in multiple colors and are adorned with a strip of glitter.  There are too many fun ways to accessorize with these easy snap on clips.
colorful hair extension clip
No hair does not mean you can't accessorize:
It is a common misconception that babies with little to no hair can not don a hair bow.  I hear it all the time from potential customers. "I'll definitely put a bow on her when she has enough hair!"  A hair bow on a soft stretchy nylon headband can actually accentuate a sweet baby's bare head.  See for yourself!

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